Direct Inquiry Access Line

The River Falls State Bank Direct Inquiry Access Line (DIAL) gives you 24-hour telephone access to your accounts at the River Falls State Bank. Simply by using your touch-tone phone you can make inquiries as to your account balances, account activity, loan information, rate information and many other features. The phone number to call is (715) 426-RFSB (7372).

     What you need to get started:

  • Your social security number
  • The last four digits of your social security number (this is for security purposes and you will be asked to change this security number on the first call to any account)

    How “DIAL” works:  

  • Call (715) 426-RFSB (7372) and follow the easy prompts
  • The account information and funds transfer menu provides access to checking, savings, loan, and certificate of deposit accounts, as well as the ability to transfer funds
  • The checking and savings account menus provide information on your account balance, previous account activity, previous deposit information, specific check information and interest information  
  • The loan account menu gives access to your loan account balance, payment and payoff information and interest information 
  • The certificate of deposit or "time deposit" menu gives you access to your balance, interest payment information, maturity date, and interest information
  • You can press "0" to transfer you to an operator during regular banking hours. Pressing "9" will return you to the previous menu

Please contact Customer Service at (715) 425-6782 for a more detailed brochure, or more information