Fees & Service Charges

Purchase of Bank Check

Money Orders: $3.00
Cashiers Checks: $3.00

Instant Statement

$2.00 Per Statement

Check Cashing

Up to $50.00: $5.00
Over $50.00: $10.00

Free to customers with deposit accounts having average balances higher than the check amount.  No charge for checks drawn on our bank.

Gift Cards

$4.00 Activation Fee

Fax Machine

Incoming: $3.00 up to 5 pages
Outgoing: $3.00 up to 5 pages

Debit or ATM Cards (Locations)

$15.00 Annual Fee

$5.00 Replacement Card

Wire Transfers

Incoming: $12.00

Outgoing: $15.00

Foreign Wires

Incoming: $20.00

Outgoing: $60.00

Foreign Currency

Order: $30.00

Exchange: $30.00

Ordering Foreign Drafts


Foreign Check Collection


Early Account Closing

$10.00 if account is closed within three months of opening.

Stop Payment Fee

$25.00 Per Transaction

Garnishment or Tax Levy


IRA Closing & Transfers


Online Bill Pay

$6.00 Monthly Fee includes 15 Free Transactions, $0.25 Per Transaction in excess of 15.

$25.00 Stop Payment Fee

Overdraft and NSF Charges

$26.00 Per Item with a Daily Maximum of $104.00

The 3 o'clock cut off for deposits to be credited on current business day strictly enforced.

Consecutive Overdraft Charges

If your account remains overdrawn for 5 consecutive business days  on the 6th day a $6.00 continuous charge per business day will be assessed until your account is no longer overdrawn.

Overdraft Protection Transfer

$2.50 Per Transaction from another RFSB Deposit Account

Ready Reserve Annual Fee

$20.00  The minimum payment is the greater of $15.00 or 5.00% of the unpaid principal plus finance charge.

Safe Deposit Boxes

Size Rent  
3x5 $20.00  
5x5 $23.00  
3x10 $29.00  
5x10 $37.00  
10x10 $55.00  
10x15 $70.00  
21x13 $85.00  

All Boxes Approximately 21" Deep.

$20.00 for Key Replacement
$75.00 for Lost Keys / Drill Open Box